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Berrios Contractor & Asphalt, Inc.

About Us


Berríos Contractor & Asphalt, Inc., properly organized as a corporate entity for the year 2017 under the laws of the commonwealth of puerto rico, is a company that offers paving, resurfacing and construction of roads, highways and parking lots around the island. organized as a dba, our company has been in existence for around 15 years, changing to a corporation in the mentioned year.

Berríos Contractor & Asphalt, Inc., has highly qualified personnel with more than 20 years of experience in all areas of service. Throughout the years we have worked on both federal and state projects, which have been through subcontracts and private. all our projects are directly supervised by the President of the Company Angel G. Berríos Ortiz.

Our Mission

Our mission establishes the correct combination of management orientation, teamwork, communications and training, our employees will achieve the gains in productivity and quality that are required to fulfill our objectives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to perform high-quality work, be a role model in the industry, and serve as a trusted contractor in the industry, embody quality and innovation in the field, work with team-spirited employees, set targeted goals, and work hard. To achieve our goals in our areas of activity: paving, resurfacing and construction of roads, highways and parking lots.

Our Values

We are here to serve, we are here for each other.

We will be committed to uncompromising values in our corporate conduct. integrity, in the broadest sense, will guide the actions of our company. we will always fully comply with all laws and regulations.

We are proud of how our company started and where we are today. We can celebrate more than 15 years in business thanks to the hard work and effort of those who came before us!

We are committed to the highest ethical standards. It’s what our customers expect from us and what our associates expect from their leadership and each other. This is earned through our performance and by our example.


A company. A team. Team involvement is necessary for improvement.


Maximize employee opportunities and business development.

Team players

We have positive attitudes and we follow company standards and systems.


Work hard. Smart work.

Accountable and responsible

We achieve results.

Commitment to success

We endeavor to exceed customer expectations.

Take ownership

We will act to find a solution.


An unwavering commitment. Safety will always come first as we strive for accident free projects without exceptions.


Our goal is simply to be the best and to continually improve. This is accomplished through focused teamwork, pride in our work, quality controlled systems – and by hiring and educating the best people we can possibly find.



Why Choose Us?

We are the leading company in our region with the best knowledge and experience in equipment in the industry, keeping work safety as a priority without compromising quality, keeping up to date with developments and scientific studies in the industry. We work with a great team spirit and consider customer satisfaction as the highest priority. We are respectful with the environment and comply with environmental and sustainable quality requirements.

The end result of our efforts must be a satisfied customer. Our reputation is the key to Berrios Contractor & Asphalt, Inc. Longevity in the paving field will remain the key to future successes.

Above all else, we believe in being an ethical, dependable company that focuses on quality.

Contact Us

Berrios Contractor & Asphalt is located in Cidra, Puerto Rico. Our service hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. For a project quote you can call (787) 617-0813 . Our team of professionals is ready to serve you.

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